Potato Granules are made from selected varieties of raw potatoes best suited for dehydration processing and grown under careful supervision.

To ensure high quality of the final product raw potatoes are stored in a fully automated storage facility. Before processing mature raw potatoes are washed, peeled, trimmed and thoroughly cooked before entering a multi-stage drying and screening process. 

Potato Granules are “air-dried” processed. This process is designed to produce a dense, free flowing potato powder which rehydrates very easily, without cooking, when added to boiling water. 

Potato Granules can be blended with ingredients such as milk, salt, flavourings or vitamin C.  Potato Granules can be supplied in smaller food service packs, in bags of 25 kg, in 1000 kg big bags or as blended product packed in small retail packaging.The shelf life of the product is 12 months and the product can be stored in cool, dry area.

Suggested application for the product is:

  • Ingredient for bread and bakery products
  • Thickener in dry soups and sauce mixes.
  • Fish and meat coating. 
  • Instant mashed potato
  • Ingredient in snack/pellet manufacture 
  • Ingredient for various fresh and frozen ready meals